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3 Benefits Of Spaying Your Pet

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Whether you just got your first pet or you've been a pet owner for years, one of the biggest decisions you'll face is whether to spay or neuter your animals. While at first glance the whole process might seem like a hassle, it is actually hugely beneficial both for pet owners and the pets themselves. So if you're unsure of how exactly spaying and neutering your pets can be advantageous, take a look below at three of the biggest benefits.

Staying in One Place

One of the biggest benefits of having your pet spayed or neutered is that the desire to roam around looking for a mate is suddenly not an issue. While in heat, female cats will regularly escape from the house in order to wander around your neighborhood, which could be dangerous. Male dogs will not only try to escape, but also will often cause a lot of damage in the process. They can and will break through fences, dig holes and uproot plants if it means finding a potential mate.

Fewer Offspring

While pet owners are usually self-described animal lovers, there is such a thing as too many animals. If you fail to spay or neuter your pet, they will most likely produce offspring in a matter of months, and continue to do so repeatedly. Unless you want to take care of several litters simultaneously, this is almost always a huge burden. What often happens is that a litter of cats or dogs are forced to fend for themselves and end up in animal shelters that euthanize them. There are already so many dogs and cats on the streets without loving homes -- don't make the issue worse by not spaying or neutering your pet.

Improved Health

By far the biggest benefit for animals is that they are much more likely to live longer, healthier lives after being spayed or neutered. The primary reason for this is that after removing their reproductive systems, the animals are no longer susceptible to many dangerous diseases. For example, ovarian cancer in female cats or dogs is no longer a problem if they are spayed. This is true of other types of cancer as well, such as uterine cancer. So if you want to look for your pet's health in the long term and want to have them around for as long as possible, don't hesitate to get them spayed or neutered.