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Three Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe This Fall

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As the cool nights set in, it is time to invite friends over for bonfires, scary movie marathons, and Halloween parties. However, one member of the family may not be comfortable with the extra autumn company: your dog. Keep your dog safe during your fall festivities by following these simple guidelines.

1. Stow the Sweet Treats

Tasty candy, fall-themed desserts, and pumpkin-flavored chocolates are all a delicious part of the season. Unfortunately, many of these treats are dangerous or even deadly for your pooch.

Even candy that contains a small amount of chocolate can be toxic for your canine. Dark chocolate in particular is especially dangerous due to the higher amount of dangerous chemicals, especially for small breeds.

Another ingredient to be leery of is xylitol. Xylitol is commonly used in sugar free candy and gum. Even in small doses, xylitol can be lethal, as it affects a dog's blood sugar levels and can cause liver failure.

Though some sugary treats are not deadly, they can still cause your dog to suffer from an upset stomach. Vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach aches are possible symptoms your dog may suffer due to sugar consumption.

Candy wrappers and foil packaging are also concerns. Dogs have a tendency to wolf down entire treats. Wrappers and foil can cause dangerous bowel obstructions that require immediate surgery.

2. Keep Fido Contained

When throwing a party, it is best to keep Fido away from the festivities. The constant opening and closing of your home's door gives Fido the perfect chance to slip outside, possibly unnoticed.

Even if Fido is normally the friendliest dog around, a crowd of people can make any dog feel stressed or anxious. Your dog may feel territorial and lash out at your visitors.

Take a few moments to make sure Fido has a collar with an identification tag and a microchip with up-to-date information, just to be on the safe side.

3. Watch Out for Cords and Decorations

As you put up your fall decorations or prepare for your get-together, ensure that cords are stowed where Fido cannot get them. Dogs love to chew, and the rubber material commonly found in cords it just too tempting to resist.

It is important to also be careful when placing glass or other decorations that are easy to break. Make sure they are in locale where Fido cannot accidentally knock them over and break them.

Fog machines are another item to keep away from your dog. Some curious dogs may try to sample the fog juice or bite the machine. Fake fog and Fido just don't mix.

Fall is a great time for social occasions with friends and family. Make sure your canine friend stays safe this season by sticking with these easy to follow tips. For more information, talk to a professional like Community Animal Hospital.