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More Fleas? No Problem! Get Rid Of Fleas And Keep Them Away With These Homemade Remedies

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Dogs are part of the family, so of course you want to protect them from absolutely everything, including fleas. Flea medications that you purchase at the store are full of strange chemicals and can have adverse side effects. Luckily, there are several natural, safe and effective flea remedies that you can make yourself that will provide your dog with the protection it needs against fleas. Below is a list of some of the at-home flea medications you can make yourself.

Lavender Oil Flea Collar

Lavender is a natural insecticide, so not only will it kill off any fleas that your companion may already have, it will also protect your dog from further infestation. Fleas hate the smell of lavender, so once those that are on your pet die off, they won't be coming back.

For this method you need:

  • Five drops of lavender oil

  • Three drops of water

  • A bandana

  • One spray bottle

Mix the lavender oil and water together in a small bowl until completely blended, then pour the solution into a spray bottle. Roll the bandana up and spray each side three times with the solution before tying it around your dog's neck. Bandanas are much easier to use than actual collars because you can remove them easily when it comes time for reapplication. You want to reapply this solution every seven days.

Flea Spray

A homemade flea spray with vinegar and lemon juice is also a great remedy for getting rid of fleas and keeping them away. Lemons are full of a property called limonene, a natural chemical that not only gets rid of fleas but also repels them from your dog. Fleas hate the smell of vinegar, so they won't come back.

For this flea solution, you will need:

  • One cup of vinegar

  • One quart of water

  • One-half cup of lemon juice

  • Spray bottle

Blend these ingredients well and pour them into a spray bottle. Once they are in the bottle, spray your pet's coat with the solution, paying extra care that you do not spray the solution on its face. You do not want the lemon juice getting into its eyes. Pay extra attention to where fleas like to feast, like behind the ears and the scruff of the neck.

The great thing about this solution is that it will also give your pup a nice healthy and shiny coat of fur.

Your pet doesn't have to suffer the fleas alone. There are natural and safe solutions that are just as effective as the store-bought medications, just without all the added chemicals. By using one of the solutions listed above, your pup will be happy and flea free in no time. For more tips, contact a company like Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital.